Acampora Profumi presents the Tadema Collection and Acampora 54 as a result of the collaboration with Miguel Matos.

Acampora Profumi presenta la Tadema Collection e Acampora 54, frutto della collaborazione con Miguel Matos.

For the first time in its history, Acampora Profumi opens the doors of the laboratory to an independent perfumer and fragrance creator but also friend, Miguel Matos, to launch two brand new collections.

A creative effort both from the Italian olfactory lab and the Portuguese perfumer - also known in the industry as Fragrantica editor - that gives life to Acampora 54 and Tadema Collection: nine original fragrances will be announced in a totally extraordinary preview during Pitti Fragranze, that will take place in Florence from September 13th to 15th at Leopolda Station.

New: Acampora 54

Acampora 54 gets its mood from the famous ballroom Studio 54, beating heart of New York’s nightlife during the 70s. The place and the moment to be and live the magic while remembering a liberating ’68 and setting that creative excitement that will explode during the unforgettable ‘80s.

A collection that challenges the brand communication rules with elegant yet provocative style. Everybody should feel free to show its own personality, this is the campaign concept that’s openly gender fluid and free from narrow-minded point of view. Marking the breaking point, Acampora 54 is here to twist the present with Robin, Young Hearts, Freak Chic, Relight My Fire, Read My Mind e Keep On Dancing.

Acampora Profumi presents Acampora 54 and Tadema Collection

New: Tadema Collection

Tadema Collection, whose name is a cameo to the artist, has its roots in Pompeii. It's an olfactory journey throughout fabulous sunny villas and ancient roman paintings that are depicted in Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema artworks. The most neoclassical tribute to the values of the Mediterranean Sea: Mentuccia Romana, Citrea Prochyta and Malum.

Miguel Matos and Brunello Acampora at Acampora Profumi Olfactory Lab

Sonia Acampora: 'Miguel Matos is a friend and an artist'.

Sonia Acampora, company chairman, celebrates this unparalleled collaboration: 'Miguel is a friend and an artist but even before that he is a very special person. His sensibility allowed him to understand and therefore embody Acampora's mood and visual philosophy. Perfectly reading through the Acampora olfactive DNA, Miguel, gave us his contribution in a very outstanding way. He brought fresh and strong new energy to renovate without distorting the brand’.

Sonia Acampora, Miguel Matos and Brunello Acampora at Acampora Profumi Olfactory Lab

Brunello Acampora: 'We look forward to sharing our work with you soon'.

Brunello Acampora highlights the historical aspect of this moment: 'Besides being an old friend, Miguel is the first independent nose to take part with our brand into the creation process of new fragrances. Miguel shares the same values that the brand carries on since 1974. It has been therefore spontaneous to collaborate for the production of these two new collections. We look forward to sharing our work and passion with you soon!'

The appointment for the launch is on September 14th at 4:00 pm, in the Conference Room during Pitti Fragranze , where Sonia and Brunello, together with Miguel Matos, will present the collections to the public.

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