Air Design System
Air Design System
Air Design System
Acampora Profumi Air Design System
Diffusore ambientale Ricaricabile Acampora Profumi
Due Air Design System in versioni Silver e Black Acampora Profumi

Air Design System

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The Aroma Diffuser designed for those who want to move to a next level.

The most common vaporizers produce water vapors, using water mixed with perfumed drops. Air Design System by Acampora, on the other hand, atomizes the odorous substance without using water.

The Acampora fragrances - specially treated in the laboratory - thus have an olfactory yield superior to any other perfume. All our fragrances have been tuned in our Laboratory and adapted for use * in this new electric diffuser. Attractive and modern design, touch controls to set the duration and intensity of the dispersion and, extremely quiet. Welcome to the future of air design.

* Refills of fragrances sold separately.

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An art mood

Home Rituals

What if you could leave a mark in the memories of people?

Motivated by the olfactory sense, memories will let you revive every moment you have spent under the light of an Acampora's Candle. A midnight summer dream with your friends, a special moment with your partner will keep your flame alive.

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