The medallion, un diffusore in ceramica venduto con un Extrait di Bruno, fragranza a base di oud dalle note legnose
Extrait Bruno fragranza legnosa a base di sandalo e medaglione, diffusore in ceramica da profumare Acampora Profumi

Extrait de Parfum & The Medallion

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30 ml Extrait de parfum and an excellent ceramic medallion elegantly hand-crafted ( 6,5 cm in diameter, 0,6 cm in thickness) to be perfumed and carefully stored next to the clothes or in a special spot of the house. Elegantly packaged at a special price.

An art mood

Home Rituals

What if you could leave a mark in the memories of people?

Motivated by the olfactory sense, memories will let you revive every moment you have spent under the light of an Acampora's Candle. A midnight summer dream with your friends, a special moment with your partner will keep your flame alive.

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