Rare Essences Since 1974

Our unique fragrances are available in Pure Essence, Extrait de Parfum and Eau de Parfum formats.
Each fragrance is manually bottled in small glass containers following the ancient use of French perfumers.

The Sexiest Musk

Discover the fragrance that has been included among the most seductive on Earth
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Discover your autumn wardrobe with our selection of fragrances.
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Magnum Bottle

A privilege for the few, a tailor made luxury.
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Perfumed Oils

Pure Essence

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Acampora Experience

About Us

Founded in 1974 by a Neapolitan gentleman, Acampora Profumi has always been all about an immersive sensorial experience. Our fragrances never cease to arouse deep emotions and, for some aspects, provocations.
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Online services

Thanks to our online services you will be able to track your order 24/7 from the time of shipping until delivery. Our customer service will be at your disposal to clarify any doubts.
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Olfactory Lounge

Our official store is a fragrant corner to be discovered, an obligatory stop on your journey to discover scented Naples
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