Musc - Pure Essence
Musc is seduction. In its Pure Essence form, Musc is highly concentrated. The musky notes are intense and seductive, making it impossible to go unnoticed if you wear this unique essence. Using precious raw materials, destined for royalty, the hypnotic...
€ 142.00
Musc MOKA - Pure Essence
All'apertura, le note di muschio e caffè risvegliano i sensi con un abbraccio caldo e avvolgente, richiamando alla mente il rituale mattutino che segna il passaggio dal sonno alla veglia, dall'intimità della notte alla vitalità del giorno. Un omaggio al...
€ 288.00
Musc Gold - Pure Essence
Musc Gold is the evolution of Musc with a floral contemporary character. Using an intoxicating accord of the most precious Italian neroli with its honeyed and solar touch, it adds a touch of modernity to a timeless essence. A delicate...
€ 142.00
Azzurro di Capri - Pure Essence
Azzurro di Capri is Acampora's latest essence, a homage to summer on Italy's Azure Isle. Delicate but pervasive marine notes merge with summer flowers, herbs, and Mediterranean jasmine in an accord completed by the warm embrace of patchouli, amber, and...
€ 142.00
Bruno - Pure Essence
An intense essence worthy of the legacy of the Maison’s founder, multifaceted and unisex, decadent and civilised at the same time. A timeless classic that starts off with a moment of citrusy sunshine followed by a bittersweet heart and a...
€ 142.00
Jasmin T - Pure Essence
A delicate and enveloping floral explosion. At the precise moment when the jasmine joins the cyclamen and the cloves, then rise the memories of a warm summer evening, and everything fades into a golden reminiscence. A dreamlike fragrance, able to...
€ 142.00
Iranzol - Pure Essence
"Exotic and timeless, this fragrance awakens the most transgressive sensations. The delicate alchemy between resinous notes, mitigated by herbs, and the warm touches of soft wood evokes the memory of liaisons dangereuses that cannot be easily forgotten. Iranzol is an...
€ 142.00
Seplasia - Pure Essence
An oil that was in great demand in ancient Rome. Seplasia crosses time and space to reach modern times and amaze with its floral bouquet. The place of choice is Capri, the island so loved by the emperor Tiberius who...
€ 142.00
Blu - Pure Essence
A unique blue dew inspired by the tuberose, captivating and persistent flower. Symbol of carnal sin, during the Renaissance era it was forbidden for young girls who could fall into temptation. Today there is nothing more seductive than Blu. Notes:...
€ 142.00
Prima T- Pure Essence
A regal essence, to be worn like a diadem studded with gems. A blaze of brightly colored flowers that certainly does not live in reflected light. An ode to luxurious sensibility. Once you are wrapped in this floral cloud you...
€ 142.00
Volubilis - Pure Essence
"Volubilis: exploring a gorgeous palette of olfactory sensations.  An essence that mixes the feminine sensuality of floral tones and the masculine strength of warm woods. Its notes transport to an exotic and sandy place: in Morocco, where the famous and...
€ 142.00
Ruby - Pure Essence
"Mischievous and captivating fragrance, Ruby is an unprecedented sensory experience. It's pink chocolate that becomes fragrant happiness: it's inspired by the latest revolution in the chocolate world. The metamorphosis from taste to smell is possible only thanks to the skillful...
€ 142.00
Egoi - Pure Essence
The patchouly leaves characterize this harmonious symphony inspired by the Basque divinity associated with the south wind. A psychedelic journey that winds between the fresh notes of citrus and the sweetness of the cedar, until it fades into a soft...
€ 142.00
Vert - Pure Essence
" Vert: simply green(fr.)  An elegant and seductive vetyver. The warm touch of cedar wood softens any masculine exuberance: the essence is unisex. Unique in its kind, this woody vetyver presents spicy chunks of pepper, cardamom and nutmeg playing with...
€ 142.00
Collie - Pure Essence
A refined and modern cologne. The lemon and bergamot notes convey a feeling of energy and maturity. Sweet in its opening, thanks to tonka bean, with a refined heart when the amber wraps with its elegant wake. Its warm energy is...
€ 142.00
Sballo - Pure Essence
A hymn to ecstasy and temptation. An essence that enchants the senses, with which inebriate yourself with pollens and petals furrowing wild meadows run by the spring winds. A real catalyst for emotions and sensations, the immersion in Sballo is...
€ 142.00
Sandan - Pure Essence
Inspired by the homonymous Middle Eastern divinity, Sandan wraps in a cloud of orange blossom enlivened by the pink pepper and diluted in the soft and balsamic sandalwood. A noble and ancient fragrance, dating back to the times when the...
€ 142.00
Vanyl - Pure Essence
"An intoxicating and hypnotic arrangement of myrrh and musk that blend with the delicacy of vanilla berries. A fragrance with an elegant and sophisticated construction like an enveloping velvet. If the sensuality could be bottled, it would undoubtedly take on...
€ 142.00
Musc Vintage - Pure Essence
MUSC VINTAGE - BATCH 24 (Prod. 2008)Limited edition, only until stocks last.Like rare liqueurs, Vintage essences have aged and tell an intense, charismatic and profound story. Acampora Profumi will tell you about Musc's notes that celebrate a past in which...
€ 714.00
Courser - Pure Essence
Beautiful, strong and resistant as the Courser Napolitano that inspires, Courser is a distinct and elegant leather. The leather accord is the foundation of this sophisticated fragrance, whose masculine elegance is made sweet and harmonious by the union between the...
€ 142.00
Où - Pure Essence
Spicy caramelised saffron cuts the smoky rosy heart while earthy patchouli complements powdery musk to create a fragrance that feels creamy and reassuringly warm. A very atmospheric scent with a calm, grounding feeling. Note: grapefruit, cipriol, rose, amber, saffron, labdanum,...
€ 142.00
Mentuccia Romana - Pure Essence
The Mediterranean coast is a paradise for the lovers of aromatic herbs, and some of them are very special, like pennyroyal, or mentuccia romana, a very special kind of mint that is softer and more floral, with refreshing and calming...
€ 142.00
Citrea Prochyta - Pure Essence
Classic with a twist, Citrea Prochyta could is a vintage-style refreshing cologne made with the best lemons found in the idyllic island of Procida. The heart brings energy with aromatic notes of rosemary. But this lemonade is not that simple...
€ 142.00
Malum - Pure Essence
The juiciest apples picked from the orchards by the Mediterranean coast make us smile with their sweet scent and nourishing flavour. In Malum, a profusion of apple juice is tuened deeper with spicy tones of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and anise....
€ 142.00
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