Musc musk muschiato  pure essence essenze pure oil olio bruno acampora profumi parfume perfum
Musc  - Pure Essence
Musc  - Pure Essence
Musc  - Pure Essence
Bruno Acampora Profumi

Musc - Pure Essence

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Musc: the best musk from rome all the way to Shanghai

The perfume that can’t be ignored. It’s probably one of the best musks in the world. It’s a golden oil containing a musk head, a heart of rose, jasmine, violet, vanilla, amber and clove that fade into a base of pacthouly, penang and sandalwood, which give the essence the scent of moist earth. It expresses the warmth of the resins, reassurance, comfort. Floral fourgere woody olfactory family.



Top: musk, clove.

Heart: rose, jasmine, violet, vanilla, amber, lavender.

Base: Penang patchouli, sandalwood.

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come utilizzare olio essenza pura oil

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