Azzurro di capri mandarino bergamotto bergamot pure essence essenze pure oil olio bruno acampora profumi parfume perfum
Azzurro di Capri - Pure Essence
Azzurro di Capri - Pure Essence
Azzurro di Capri - Pure Essence
Bruno Acampora Profumi

Azzurro di Capri - Pure Essence

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Azzurro di Capri: The Summer sky, a song from Adriano Celentano

A tribute to Summer and to the Island of Capri. Pervasive yet delicate citrus notes from the coast of Amalfi melt with the blossom of mediterranean jasmin, all to develop into warm summer winds carrying Patchouli, Amber and musky notes. Freshness and pureness, but also passion and skilled craftsmanship from Southern Italy, the distinguishing elements to all Acampora's fragrances.



Top: mandarine, bergamote, jasmin

Heart: fleur d'oranger, muguet, patchouli

Base: cedre, musc, ambre

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