Artisticperfumery, perfume as an art form.

Profumeria Artistica, il profumo come forma d'arte.

Artistic perfumery, perfume as an art form.

There are few people in the world, about 1% of the world population, who have the innate ability to simultaneously perceive stimuli from multiple senses. This is the case, explained through the concept of synaesthesia that we find in many of the greatest artists in history. Mozart, for example, was able to see the colour of musical notes, or Kandinsky, a founder of abstractionism, hoped that the observers of his paintings would be able to hear the work through the colours, entering it to learn its secrets. "Lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and ... stop thinking!" said the artist, speaking to his interlocutors about art and musical works.

Art, in all its forms, has always been a very important means of communication to transmit strong messages and to leave an imprint in the heart and mind of all those who stopped to observe and perceive the essence of pictorial work. , a book is written in verse or a hand-carved marble sculpture. 

In recent years this powerful and evocative concept of art is spreading more and more also in different art forms and artisan productions, such as in cinema or perfumery. 

It is undeniable that a perfume, especially if created by hand, can give birth to a memory or an emotion in the mind of the person who wears it. Often it can happen that by smelling a trail of a fragrance on the street, childhood memories, holidays or important moments can come back to mind. Those memories seem so real, those flavours seem so current, those sensations so warm, those colours so vivid that you think you have gone back in time. 

This is precisely the evocative power of the artisan perfumery art, fine and impeccable alchemy of blends and fragrances capable of taking us back to important moments in our memory and fixing the most precious memories in our minds. A perfume can be associated not only with a thought but also with a colour, a flavour, an idea.

Maison Acampora for more than 40 years, expertly mixing every single ingredient of the fragrances by hand, offers a journey into artistic perfumery capable of giving a unique and unrepeatable experience of emotions and genuineness.

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