Freak Chic - Eau de Parfum - Fragranza Chypre Floreale

Freak Chic - Eau de Parfum

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An opulent floral chypre that has seduction as its main purpose. A spiced up rose, made intense and unapologetic. There is energy and life pulsating with fruit accords of apple, bergamot, passion fruit, mandarin and raspberry, spiced and refreshed with the zing of ginger. The full-bodied character of the scent is reinforced by the strength of woods and the sexy animalic tones of warm musks and honeyed beeswax. Freak Chic is a vibrant, never-stopping rosy anthem with elegance in its core.

Apple, ginger, bergamot, passion fruit, mandarin, jasmine, rose, chamomile, musk, teak, patchouli, ebony, cedar moss, raspberry, beeswax.