Musc Vintage - Pure Essence
MUSC VINTAGE - BATCH 24 (Prod. 2008)Limited edition, only until stocks last.Like rare liqueurs, Vintage essences have aged and tell an intense, charismatic and profound story. Acampora Profumi will tell you about Musc's notes that celebrate a past in which...
€ 714.00
Magnum 500ml
€ 6,900.00
Magnum 500ml
A rare size for a rare essence.Only few pieces available per year. A 500ml of Bruno Acampora’s creations for the longest pleasure. On the bottle you may engrave your name to celebrate such tailor made gift. AVAILABLE BY RESERVATION
€ 6,900.00
Le 5 Essenze - Limited Edition
La selezione delle Pure Essence più iconiche di Acampora Profumi in preziosi formati da 2,5ml. Dalle note moderne e muschiate di Musc Gold, alla frizzante freschezza di Azzurro di Capri, la dolcezza speziata di Vanyl, il boschivo balsamico di Young...
€ 99.00
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