How to wear our Pure Essences

come si mette il profumo

There is a very precise way to wear the precious Acampora's oil without wasting a single drop of it. It's a very simple gesture to perform, but of vital importance to enhance the persistence of the fragrance on your skin.


With the cork stopper you dab the points on which to apply the pure oil: wrists, neck and a bit on the ankles. For men in addition it's possible to apply it on the back of the hands, while for women it's advised to apply a drop on the chest. Those are the points with the highest blood flow.

Applying the scented essence exactly in these areas means exploiting the circulation, whose heat amplifies the aroma and therefore facilitates the dispersion of the essence.

Perfecting this technique also allows you to diligently save the product quantity available in the 5, 10 and 20 milliliters bottles, shoppable in our Olfactory Lounge in Naples and Online Store. One of our 20 ml bottles could last months and months if well managed.


Watch the video: in addition on how to put the perfume, you will also discover the correct way to pull the strings that are holding together the cork and the wax seal on each bottle. Our wax sealing technique is very ancient and dates back to the time of the French master perfumers to whom all our work is inspired. Every single bottle is in fact handmade by our expert craftsman. The same one that started the olfactory journey with Bruno Acampora back in 1974.

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