Save the date: Acampora Profumi & Hope Fashion @ Milano Fragrance Week

Save the date: Acampora Profumi & Hope Fashion @ Milano Fragrance Week

Milan streets smell stronger than ever.

Not just because of the leading international event dedicated to Artistic Perfumery, Esxence. But also because it's the first edition of Milano Fragrance Week and we are glad to invite you to an exclusive event in collaboration with Hope Fashion.

We will introduce you to the youth of Acampora - Musc Gold, Bruno, Volubilis, Azzurro di Capri e Ruby: rebels, untagged, free spirits who live for adventure. Just like the time they were born in.

It can be hard picking out a signature scent. Really, really hard. How do you know if you're more of a floral girl, spicy chick or woodsy type? Sometimes, all it takes is a single sniff test to find the one. But other times, it can involve spritzing until you reach sensory overload. Perfumes is a way to express yourself, just like your style is. So if you describe your style as edgy and often out-there, might we suggest pairing it with just the right signature scent?

If beach days are your ultimate getaway, try creating that ambience year-round. Fragrance and fashion go hand-in-hand so get ready to break out of your perfume and style rut. We’ll help you find something totally new.

See you Friday 26th at Hope Fashion Store in via Mercato 16 (Brera area), 7.30 pm.

Live wild, smell untagged!

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