The Inspiration Flow for Esxence 2019

L'ispirazione di Acampora Profumi per Esxence 2019

In a week Acampora Profumi will be in full swing for the most important artistic perfumery event of the year, Esxence - The Scent of Excellence at The Mall in Milan.

This year, the theme of the event is the INSPIRATION FLOW: no olfactory experience can begin without a creative spark.

Acampora Profumi is pleased to add to its Extrait de Parfum collection the 30ml format of the Classic Collection: Musc, Blu, Iranzol, Seplasia, Prima T, Jasmin T and Sballo are available for the first time in the Extrait 30ml format. The long-awaited Volubilis also joins the Extrait collection.

Also, Acampora Profumi is joining the first edition of Milano Fragrance Week starting a collaboration with Hope Fashion. We're pleased to invite you for a glamorous evening full of perfume and fashion in the heart of the Milanese skyline. Save the date! Join us on Friday, April 26th in the exclusive location of Hope Fashion Store located in Via Mercato 16 (Brera area). Start at 19.30! For the occasion, Acampora Profumi presents the Untagged Collection. A selection of the latest additions to our Sbagliati Collection to celebrate the generation of Millennials.

During the event we will help you to find your signature scent and style.

It can be hard picking out a signature scent. Really, really hard. How do you know if you’re more of a floral girl, spicy chick, or woodsy type? Sometimes, all it takes is a single sniff test to find the one. But other times, it can involve spritzing until you reach sensory overload. Perfume is a way to express yourself, just like your style is. So if you describe your style as edgy and often out-there, might we suggest pairing it with just the right signature scent? If beach days are your ultimate getaway, try creating that ambience year-round.
Fragrance and fashion go hand-in-hand so get ready to break out of your perfume and style rut. We’ll help you find something totally new!

See you at Esxence, stand M24, and April 26th at Hope Fashion Store.

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