What's wrong with our collections?

Cos'hanno di sbagliato le nostre collezioni?
7 Rules, 7 Classics and Seasonal Collections are the only ones in a 2,5 ml format. We call them "Sbagliati" that in italian means: "wrong ones". Wanna know what for?


There's a funny story behind it. Some years ago our usual supplier delivered hundreds of 2.5 ml bottles instead of the regular 5 ml ones. Instead of sending them back, everybody fell in love with those little containers.
So charming and cute, right?

Acampora Profumi artigianalità made in Italy Gli Sbagliati
"7 Classics Collection" and "7 Rules Collection" first, as they represent the 7 original Acampora essences and the 7 basic fragrances of artistic perfumery remastered by Acampora. 

Lately we added to the "Sbagliati" the Seasonals. An exclusive and limited edition at a very special
It's currently avalaible our "Spring Box", a selection of 7 fragrances perfect for those who love to change their body fragrances along with the seasons.
Acampora Profumi artigianalità made in Italy Spring Box
That's it, folks! How funny can be a mistake, right?
Don't miss our "Sbagliati" and discover more on our 40 years journey into artistic perfumery.

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