Acampora Profumi will be at Esxence - The Scent of Excellence 2019

Acampora Profumi presente ad Esxence - The Scent of Excellence 2019

Acampora Profumi, the historical Neapolitan maison well-known for its Musc - one of the sexiest musk in the world according to Sunday Times columnist Katie Puckrik - will have the honor of participating for the eleventh year at Esxence - The Scent of Excellence.

One of the most important showcases in the world for artistic perfumery, this event will bring together perfumers and buyers from April 25th to 29th at The Mall in Milan.

Esxence is the place where both insiders and passionate connoisseurs meet for a four-day full immersion in the olfactory notes of the most artistic perfumery houses in Italy.

Acampora Profumi at Esxence 2019: Inspiration Flow

The concept chosen for the eleventh edition of Esxence 2019 is the INSPIRATION FLOW: the culmination of the olfactory inspiration, that particular moment when the perfume becomes part of the person who exhales it, even before the process of inspiration has ended. The INSPIRATION FLOW is the act of perceiving the essence while we are still waiting spasmodically to be completely enveloped and filled with perfume.

There is no INSPIRATION FLOW without inspiration, which is the creative flame. It is the process by which the air stops being simple air and turns into a perfumed cloud. And when it happens, it's natural to breathe in. A natural and instinctive gesture. There is no creation without inspiration.

The essence of Esxence 2019 is to bring together creative excellence inspired by the passion for perfumery in a place where you share your energy and your inspirations.

Acampora Profumi will be part of it. We look forward to sharing with you our passion and 40 years experience in the world of artistic perfumery.

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