Acampora Perfumes reveals the new face of senses seduction

Acampora Profumi svela il nuovo volto della  seduzione dei sensi

Acampora perfumes for its 44 years of activity will present at the next edition of Pitti Fragranze 14 -16 September 2018 a renewal of its logo and corporate image in a more contemporary line through a modular rebalancing of its iconographic elements.

The Greek motif is revisited with a more decisive and continuous line closing its circularity, the font of Acampora, instead, will present a more delicate and readable imprint, as well as the three stars redesigned in the definition of the 5 tips are enclosed in the circularity of the Greek.

The restyling aims to best express the values of tradition, elegance and authenticity in the craftsmanship made in Italy, which have characterized the success of Acampora Profumi since its inception.

The logo has been reissued to be declined in the various contents of traditional classical and digital communication.

The new image of corporate communication will emphasize the values of femininity, seduction with a spirit of audacity and voluptuousness, without hesitating to capture the attentive eye of a sensitive consumer, fascinated by the world of artistic perfumery and all that is aesthetically beautiful.

The whole activity of renewal of the brand identity has enhanced and mobilized in a modern way, the ways of expression and communication of the brand, directed not only to its public, but also to the open public, young and active in the world of social media.

“Solarity”, color, “mediterrranarity” and realism are the sensations captured by the new ACAMPORA photo shoot, available in a photographic book for visitors at the stand, which will allow visitors to admire the true expression with a new interpretation, without construction, without false artifices. and authenticity of the world Acampora perfumes.


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