Musc is the sexiest perfume in the world according to the Sunday Times

Musc tra i profumi più sexy al mondo secondo il Sunday Times

"This earthy, sensual oil is the ultimate musk. Musc Oil’s dark intentions are enhanced by overheated roses and violets, wilted after a night nestled in a voluptuous, sandalwood-scented décolletage. A siren song that blooms with your own heat, it’s the scent of slept-in sheets and lost weekends."

These are the words of Katie Puckrik published in The Sunday Times Magazine. The charming American journalist with an effervescent personality, the star of British television in the '90s, myth of perfumery who's writing for the coolest magazines on the planet, with these words crowns the Musc by Bruno Acampora among the sexiest perfumes on the planet. Here is an extract of her article, which you can read in full on the Sunday Times website by clicking on this link.

Musc Katie Puckrik Sunday Times Magazine

Musc by Bruno Acampora Profumi is the sexiest perfume in the world

"Ever heard a man talk about a panty-dropper? Put simply: this is the crass term for a scent that will attract women. Though the notion of a mere smell turning women into insatiable love zombies, ready to drop their smalls, is as corny as a Lynx ad, it is not without historical precedent &mdash for both sexes.

Ever since Cleopatra arrived in Tarsus to meet Marc Antony, sailing up the river on a barge with sails drenched in oils of rose and jasmine, perfume’s promise as a man-catcher has been irresistible to ladies on the prowl. And since smell is an equal-opportunities seducer, menfolk are equally inclined to seek out that special sauce they hope will bring all the girls to the yard. Even Casanova was keen to lock down his signature scent, rejecting the barnyard musks of his day for fresher concoctions of citrus and herbs. So, assuming that the bare essentials of a functional human being are in order (kindness, decency, a pulse), how best to gild the lily?

Smell-wise, there are classic, sexy perfume ingredients with a universal appeal. First are the “your skin, but better” fragrances: cocktails of musk, leather and sandalwood. Legend has it that Chinese concubines were fed pure deer musk before lovemaking so that every pore, nook and cranny whispered, “Do me.”

Then there are the gourmands: perfumes sweet with vanilla and chocolate, coffee and booze, aphrodisiacs whether eaten or smelt. A timeless quicker-picker-upper are the white floral. Jasmine and tuberose are seductive because they smell overripe and physical."


 From: The Sunday Times Magazine

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