Pitti Fragranze 17: a great success

Pitti Fragranze 17: un grande successo

The most difficult part of traveling is coming back. Even more when the journey has been full of emotions like the four days we've spent at Pitti Fragranze.

This year, like many others in the past, Acampora Profumi has been the protagonist of the famous Italian exhibition, one of the most appreciated within the niche perfumery market, now at its 17th edition.

An extraordinary success for the launch of our new collections Acampora 54 and Tadema Collection. The new fragrances have been welcomed with the greatest enthusiasm by niche experts and long-time passionates to which Sonia Acampora - chairman of the house - dedicated her speech and words of appreciation for the intense and eager enjoyment towards this project in collaboration with Miguel Matos.

Acampora Profumi Pitti Fragranze Sonia Acampora Mguel Matos

'This excitement is unexpected, - she said - we know we are presenting a very ambitious project both from a fragrance composition perception and communication campaign. But the support we are receiving is well beyond our expectations. My biggest thank you goes to all the participants at the Conference. The room was full of supporters that celebrated with us a new achievement for Acampora Profumi. And a special thank you goes to my husband and first supporter Brunello Acampora along with our incredible Team'.

The most emotional moment of the fair was the conference speech during which, Sonia, Brunello, and Miguel Matos - friend and perfumer - officially presented to the audience the new collections and the video campaign for Acampora 54 which takes inspiration from the famous new york ballroom Studio 54. Here's the full video, now available on our YT channel and socials. Enjoy!

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