Acampora's Musc special guest at Nose

Il Musc di Acampora ospite a Parigi da Nose

Paris: joie, amour, Musc.

A magical evening, the one we experienced last week (September 4th) in the very fragrant location of Nose, Paris. The perfume shop of the French house hosted a little party for the olfactory heroes: the most prominent niche perfumes of the moment in the Paris scene. Our unbeatable Musc was featured among them at the Parfum Bar, the only fragrance you could find in Pure Essence format.

Acampora Profumi a Nose Parigi Musc Musc Gold

At the exclusive evening, we have welcomed selected customers, established journalists of the sector and some of the finest noses in the olfactory scene who underlined how uncommon it was to have the possibility of smelling a pure musky scent just like those of the past, yet so innovative and popular. We are grateful to all of them.

Since the 1970s, when Bruno Acampora used to attend Parisian salons, Musc had made inroads into the hearts of mesdames et messieurs. Today, after many years, hearing these words of praise mean a lot to us. Passion, quality and traditional craftsmanship - always with an eye to the future - are and forever will be the most important values of Acampora Profumi.

Musc Acampora Profumi Parigi Scent Bar

Special thanks also to Nicolas Cloutier, CEO of Nose, who welcomed us with enthusiasm and strong will.

If you have also planned a stop in Paris in your travels, then the right place to try the "sexiest Musc on Earth" is Nose: 20 rue bachaumont, 75002, Paris.

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