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Musc Acampora Profumi Bruno Pure Essence Oil

As Mohammed used to say: “Women, children and perfumes are the things I love the most in the world”.

The Arab world has always been attentive to the personal care through perfume. In particular, the Arabs are very attracted by the purest version of the essences: fragrant, undiluted and alcohol-free oil.

Here at Acampora we call them Pure Essences, but they have a much older word: attar (or ittar) which comes from the ancient Babylonian and indicates the essence of flowers. The attar is substantially essential oil obtained from flowers following the ancient method of extraction used by Indian with copper alembics. The first of them have been found at least five thousand years ago.

The process to obtain this particular type of perfumed oil is with low-pressure steam distillation of flower petals, placed in the copper alembic. Today it is also possible to define attar an essence that contains woods, spices and resins.


Acampora Profumi in London Kings Pharmacy

The attar were so precious that they were offered as gifts by princes and kings to all their guests upon departure after a visit. They were also locked up in crystal containers called ittardan. When they were not a gift, the attar were obviously the main fragrance instrument of the entire ruling family.

Religion has been a determining factor in the spread of attar. The Muslim and Indian worlds prefer fragrances diluted in oil rather than those containing alcohol. The Koran, in fact, allows men to enjoy the joys of life because they are the anticipation of those of paradise. Similar to the image of the Greek Elysian Fields, the Muslim paradise is imbued with the sweetest scents.

The Koran speaks of women, the houris, made of the purest musc, like our Musc. We know that the month of Ramadan, which is coming to an end, is very important for the Arab world from a personal, family and social point of view.

We therefore wish everyone to celebrate Id al-Fitr's festival in the best way and to end this period in the most spiritual way possible to cultivate the relationship with God and with oneself.

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