Male or female? Gender fluid!

Uomo o donna? Gender fluid!

My point is perfume is only gender free. Scent that declares its sexual identity is merely a social statement. My Pure Essences are meant for those who love them unconditionally.
Bruno Acampora, founder, interview for Monsieur Magazine, 2005.

It is not just a trend. The world in which we're living is gender fluid. A place where gender identity is less defined than in the past and there are no longer any distinctions between perfume for men and perfume for women.

That's because we are constantly searching for our own identity, always in motion towards the essence of our soul. Thus for the perfume, object of desire and desire itself, must be interchangeable between him and her.

The art of perfumery is born without setting any gender distinction. The first olfactory formulas were composed by the ancient Egyptians, who certainly did not create aromas designed specifically for a male or female audience. Their perfumes were nothing but a way to get in touch with the divine.

The first to make the gesture of perfuming oneself for vanity or simple personal care were the ancient Romans. However, they did not distinguish between perfumes for men and perfumes for women.

Also in the 17th century, cologne was gender free. In fact it was more of fragrant water used for hygienic and health reasons.

Bruno Acampora Profumi Musc

It is therefore clear that setting the fragrances in olfactory patterns with gender distinction is not only obsolete but also means not perceiving the changes taking place in reality.

Making a distinction by saying that woody perfumes are more suited to the male audience, while floral ones are for the female public and citrus scents are unisex is not correct.

Within the artistic and niche perfumery the compositions are enriched by very stimulating combinations that make most of the essences openly gender free.

This is why our Musc - the most sensual musky perfume in the world - is perfectly balanced and suitable for everyone.

Leaving the old labels behind to explore the world on the trail of constant change has always been one of Acampora Profumi's joys and all its 19 essences.

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