What are the best Acampora fragrances to perfume environments?

Room air fresheners, as well as scented candles, are an integral part of home design. With their perfume, in fact, they create a unique and unforgettable olfactory mood, creating a personal olfactory signature. The well-being that comes from using it allows you to face even the hardest day with a smile.

But where to put room air fresheners at home?

Which are the most important places to perfume and which are the most suitable essences for each one? Let's see what kind of air freshener you should use and which essence to combine.

  • Kitchen - Azzurro di Capri

The kitchen, heart of the house. The environment where you share the tastiest moments and the most delicious chatter during meals.

The best idea for perfuming this room can be our stick home diffuser. With its simple and non-invasive design, it is perfect for the most intimate moments such as a dinner to celebrate an anniversary, or even for family moments in which to gather together celebrating special occasions.

The fragrance we recommend is Azzurro di Capri. Thanks to its fresh and citrus scent it can accompany the preparation and the sharing of every meal with the right sweetness.

  • Living room - Bruno or Vanyl

There is no better place to relax and share chat, movies and good music. The living room is also the place where furniture plays its part. It is important to maintain elegance and carefully choose the design elements. To best accommodate any guest and leave an excellent impression both olfactory and visual, our choice can only be our Air Design System. It is an electric home diffuser and it's suitable in all kind of environments. The Air Design System combines cutting-edge design with a modern water dispersion system.

Air Design System - Acampora Profumi Black Edition

Choosing it means also you can pick among 19 of the 28 Acampora fragrances available. There is plenty of choice. If you ask us, we will tell you to focus on a sweet welcome with Vanyl or a fragrance with a strong and enveloping personality with Bruno.

  • Bedroom - Tuberose

The bedroom is the realm of scented candles. The most intimate place, where sleep gives way to sensuality and love. The candle is ideal to trigger the spark of passion. The essence can only be Tuberose, the blue flower forbidden to young middle-aged women because it is considered an irresistible source of temptation.

  • Drawers and cabinets - Musc

Acampora Profumi also offers a solution to all those who want to perfume their clothes they store in drawers and wardrobes. The Acampora Medallion is made of 100% finely handcrafted ceramic, to be perfumed with the preferred fragrance. Why not let Musc wrap all our clothes?

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